The Chatham Skating Club operates entirely on the efforts of volunteers.  This includes members of the Executive and Board of Directors, all of the Club’s committees, and all of the folks who jump in to help with special events and fundraising.  Families of StarSkaters, who pay an annual $75.00 activity fee will be interested in knowing that this amount can be reduced through volunteer hours.

The Club can always use an extra pair of hands, so if you’d like to help out or want to learn more about how you can, please stop by the CanSkate table during regular program hours or email the Club – info@chathamskatingclub.com.

A key volunteer opportunity for Club skaters is to become a program assistant, and we’re looking for new P.A.’s right now!  Learn more below, and email the Club to express your interest.

Program Assistants

Program Assistants are skaters with the Chatham Skating Club who help teach our younger skaters in the Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate programs. P.A.’s can be seen in their red fleece jackets working with younger skaters under the direction of our professional coaches. To qualify to assist as a P.A., skaters must be approved by the Club and attend the orientation / training session which is offered at no cost to new and returning Program Assistants.

What is the role of a Program Assistant?

P.A.’s assist the Skate Canada Coaches in the following ways:

  • Supporting on-ice program delivery,
  • Setting up and putting away program materials,
  • Demonstrating skills and teaching progressions,
  • Assisting with on-ice circuits
  • Supervising practice time,
  • Providing individual and group assistance
  • Leading warm-ups and cool-downs under the direction of the Skate Canada Coaches,
  • Reinforcing learned skills (follow-up on coach instruction),
  • Leading exercises, drills, learning activities, and creative expression,
  • Handing out awards and incentives,
  • Taking attendance,
  • Acting as a role model for young skaters

What are the benefits to volunteering as a Program Assistant?

  • Give back to the club and beginning skaters
  • Learn the importance of being a volunteer
  • Learn how to be a positive role model
  • Gain early coaching experience
  • Earn community service hours toward the secondary school graduation diploma requirements
  • Gain volunteer experience which is a valuable component of a resume

Are Program Assistants compensated?

The club may provide a gift of appreciation to Program Assistants. This gift is at the discretion of the club executive and can only be used for expenses incurred within the club. There is no cash surrender value.  Gifts are distributed at the Club’s Annual Banquet.


We welcome all new and returning families to our Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, and StarSkate programs for the 2019-2020 skating season!