Interested in registering for skating?

 Please contact us via to inquire about openings in our PreCanSkate and CanSkate programs for the Fall/Winter season.

The club welcomes Adult skaters too!

Join the CSC's Program Assistant Team!

Interested StarSkaters are invited to apply to volunteer with the CanSkate program.  We very much appreciate the involvement of our more experienced skaters in providing support and guidance to our CanSkaters.

For details about the role of PA click here.  To express interest, please email the Club -, or visit the CanSkate table during regular program hours.

Update for CanSkate and Pre-CanSkate Families

Click here for the following information:

  • Pre-CanSkate Program Details
  • CanSkate Program Details
  • Letter to CanSkate Families

Update for StarSkate Families

Click here for StarSkate Information.

Skating Schedule and Monthly Calendar

The skating schedule and monthly calendar for all skaters for the regular     Fall / Winter Season can be found here.