Private Skating Instruction

What are the benefits of private instruction?

Skaters choose private instruction for benefits including but not limited to the following:

  • Help skaters understand and develop their strengths
  • Target and improve areas of weakness
  • Help skaters progress more quickly and effectively through their current program
  • Assist skaters in developing higher levels of skill for personal enjoyment, progressing through their program, or preparing for StarSkate tests
  • Prepare skaters for competition where they are required to have a coach

When are private lessons taught?

Private lessons may be taught on any club ice or on Chatham-Kent Recreation Department membership ice.

How do I choose a private coach?

Here are some tips for consideration:

  • Talk to the coaches you see working with the skaters during regular sessions. Introduce yourself and advise that you are considering private lessons. Ask if the coach is accepting new students?
  • Watch the coach while they are working with skaters.
  • Talk to skating parents for added information.
  • Inquire about fees for instruction. These may vary from coach to coach to feel free to ask what they charge.

What are the expectations?

The parent should expect the coach to:

  • Be safety conscious
  • Be properly trained and currently certified
  • Respond to the individual needs of your skater
  • Make participation enjoyable for your skater

The parent should not expect the coach to:

  • Be a babysitter
  • Push a skater unreasonably
  • Create results that are not reasonable given the skater’s level of skill and ability
  • Force a child into competition if they are either not willing or not prepared for the experience


We welcome all new and returning families to our Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, and StarSkate programs for the 2019-2020 skating season!